Creative Writing: A Streetcar Named Desire

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Sharp, abrupt sound of the ringing telephone spread through the house. However, it was not the telephone that woke Blanche up. It was the wild (animalistic, as she immediately thought) yell of Stanley Kowalski receiving the information about his wife giving birth to a baby boy. He was having a son, just like he wanted! And there she was, laying in the glimmering morning sunlight. Looking as fragile and as frail as the porcelain doll she used to play in her childhood years. Wondering whether the horrific events of the night really did take place or was it just a hauntingly realistic nightmare. Yet, she needn’t wonder; she knew. As soon as he got out of a brief, euphoric shock caused by the joyful news, Stanley changed his silk pajamas into…show more content…
First few attempts of getting out of the bed ended up with fiasco - she was feeling light-headed and couldn’t make a step without the whole room starting to swirl as if she was on a carousel at a funfair. Finally, she got up. Alas! Her whole body was trembling, her legs were as heavy as lead and, above all, she was feeling extremely nauseated. All the symptoms experienced at once, combined with recurring flashbacks of Stanley’s coarse hands leaving marks all over Blanche’s body made her unable to move. Suddenly, “blue piano” music got her out of the grips of numbness. She quickly ran to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. “Blanche, Blanche…” - she spoke to herself - “Honey! What are you doing? Stella...Stella and the baby will be here just in a moment! Is that how you want to look? Like a mess?! No, you have to make yourself look as elegant and as calm as possible, do you hear me? As elegant...” - she started sobbing - “...and as calm as...possible.” Before she noticed, tears were streaming down her cheeks and the sound of “blue piano” transformed into “Varsouviana”, resonating in her head as vividly and intensely as never
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