Creative Writing: Amaimon's Dichotomy

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Behemoth gave an apologetic snort, but didn 't move unfortunately, instead beginning to prod at his master 's mouth. Amaimon sputtered angrily "B-Behemoth!? What are you doing!?" Behemoth didn 't wait to answer, or even wait for the earth King to calm down, shoving a plant into his moth and closing his mouth. Amaimon choked, trying to kick Behemoth off of him as his mouth was filled with herbs. Behemoth gave a shrill, commanding cry, clamping his paws over the earth king 's mouth. Amaimon screamed as best he could, but he couldn 't fight his familiar. The hobgoblin whined as claws tore at his arms, his child master scrambling to pull him off, yelling incoherently, but the demon didn 't let go, knowing this was for the best. After a short struggle his body decided what to do for him and instinctively he swallowed the small bitter leaves so he could breath, they hurt on the way down, but as soon as he had swallowed behemoth let go, backing away quickly. The earth King sputtered, sitting up and whipping his head around, which considering he was blind didn 't help "what did you make me eat!?" He growled, tail whipping about furiously. Deep down he knew that Behemoth had gone to the garden to seek herbs for the infection that had most likely seeped into his blood by now, but in his fever ravaged mind al, he could feel were anger and…show more content…
It was only a few moments later that Amaimon realized what else had been mixed in with the herbs. His head felt more woozy than it already did and he felt drowsy. Behemoth warbled from the corner of the room as he fell back against the pillows, fading back into the
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