More Than A Creature: A Short Story

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More Than A Creature In the woods of Mississippi,lay an unknown creature.An Albino Sasquatch(Tyson). Living on his own,he was a hunter and gatherer. Collecting anything he could. His treasure,was another's trash. Tyson liked simple. Tyson liked routine. Tyson wasn't nocturnal,nor was he diurnal. White Fur. Coquelicot colored eyes. Like the color of poppies in a valley. It was a saturday evening. Tyson was scavenging in the woods when he heard a crunch of the leaves. “What is that?” a man murmured. Tyson noticed him and dashed off. While he was running,the man pulled out his smartphone and snapped a picture. While Tyson was running off,he got scared,he became worried,that someone would take him away. The unknown man went to the counties game warden office too report what he had seen. Rushing in,he came to an abrupt stop. There was nobody there. He thought to himself,”Where could they be?…show more content…
He was excited to meet up with chase. Heading out the door,Chase noticed a paper on his front door. IT read,”Report to local police station in the next week or face ten months prison.” Chase was flabbergasted. He figured he would just deal with that later. Chase set out to the woods to meet up with Tyson. Finally arriving at the tree where he woke up,Tyson was nowhere to be seen. Chase looked down to see a drawing in the dirt. It depicted Tyson with a cross through him. Chase was worried. Next to the drawing were some shiny bits on the ground. Aha! They were pieces of the wrapper from the granola bar Chase gave Tyson. He realized it was a trail to lead him somewhere. Chase followed the trail. The whole time Chase followed the trail,he thought to himself,”How could TYson be in danger?” Ten minutes had passed. When he saw a large,tall building. On the front it read,”Mississippi National Science Lab.” Chase noticed the game warden that confronted up the other day. He thought to himself,”Why would he be
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