Creative Writing: Battle Of Nagaina

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Rikki had just crushed the Cobra egg, losing the only leverage he had left, believing that he could fight Nagaina. Rikki then runs as fast as he can to Nagaina but on the way Darzee calls out to him, “Rikki, why are you going so fast?” “I’m going to kill Nagaina! ”Rikki yelled back. Darzee then flew off content with Rikki’s answer. Rikki then, slightly annoyed raced off again to go kill Nagaina. Rikki knew this was a risk to lose his leverage over Nagaina, but if he failed he would have to fight two cobras, and Rikki just couldn’t fight two cobras and win. As Rikki arrived at the bungalow he saw Nagaina inching towards Teddy, ready to strike. “Nagaina, stop right where you 're at!” Rikki yelled, ready to fight. “I have no intention of stopping and I never will, I will…show more content…
Just as he got ready to strike Nagaina lunged faster, and although she missed Rikki, that showed she would have the advantage for the rest of the fight. Nagaina quickly jumped on Rikki striking him in the back of the neck, her venom seeping into his blood. Rikki pleaded, "When I die please don 't hurt my friends" "I have much more planned for them", Nagaina said coldly. As Rikki took his last breath he swore one day he would get his revenge and as the sun set on the bungalow Rikki died in sorrow knowing his friends would have a fate worse than death. The next day, as the sun rose over the garden, the stench of dead bodies reached the noses of everyone in the garden and they got curious. They sent Darzee out to investigate the foul stench but he never came back, so the animals decided they would all go try to find Darzee and the source of the smell. They all came upon the bungalow and entered it only to find Nagaina and the dead bodies of their friends. Nagaina quickly finished them off and now Cobras would rule the garden once

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