Creative Writing Challenges

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The challenges in teaching creative writing as a second language to middle school children Writing is one of the languages skills that is very important to be mastered in learning English as a foreign language. According to (Sokolik, 2003). Writing is a combination of process and production, process refers to the steps and ideas we go through to produce it and production is the final piece of the writing according to (Zhang & Chen, 1989). Writing is a comprehension skill that incorporates grammar, vocabulary, conception and other parts of the language. By developing the writing skill it will help young learners have a bright future in their further studies. Writing gives learners an opportunity to express them self’s in a foreign language (Rohayati, 2014). Teaching writing as a second language to middle school students is probably one of the most challenging out of the four language components which include reading, writing speaking and listening. In many classes attention to writing is very limited as this component is usually used as a testing tool and it may be the reason students find it boring. Therefore teachers need to plan every lesson carefully adopting appropriate teaching approaches and methods in order to make the lesson productive and engaging for the students. This research will be looking at the use of the creative writing approach in teaching writing to ESL students at the middle school level, and what challenges teachers are faced when teaching
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