Creative Writing: Clueless, Revenge Of The Bridesmaids

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“RAH!” I yelled and jumped on her back. She screamed and fell over. “Sophie!” She yelled and playfully hit me. I laughed and looked at the TV, where a movie was playing. Last Saturday one of my best friends, Dakota, and I went to Rollercade. It wasn’t planned at all. She spent the night at my house Friday night, and on Saturday we watched movies all day. We watched Clueless, Revenge Of The Bridesmaids, and a couple others. I was looking on Snapchat and one of my friends said that she was going tonight, so I looked online at the Rollercade website and it said “7-10 PM”. I paused the movie. “Hey do you wanna go to Rollercade tonight?” I asked her. “Sure, what time is it?” I looked at the time. “6.” “Okay.” We were eating dinner. After we were…show more content…
I skated in, her right behind me. “Uhhh, Dakota?” I moved over so she could see inside. “Oh.” There were 2 stalls, and the doors went up to my chest when I was standing. And there were no locks on the doors. “Okay, you hold the stall door closed and make sure no one comes in while I go, and I’ll do the same for you.” I said, and we did just that. After we were done in the disgusting bathroom, we got some quarters out of the machine and went to the arcade. I played a race car game. It was hard because I had to press the petals with my skates on. But I got second place! After the arcade we skated for a long time. Before we knew it, it was 9:30! “Hey!” I grabbed Dakota’s arm. “Wah!?” She fell backward on me. “The sock hop’s soon.” I told her, and we left the rink. We sat down on a chair by the lockers and took our skates off. I put mine in my bag, and and then put my bag in the locker. Dakota put her’s on the counter, and we sat and watched the other people skate for a couple minutes. Then the song slowly faded away. “Time for the sock hop!” The announcer said, and Dakota and I ran to the middle. We danced around, while other people skated around us. We would run a couple feet, and then slide. I fell a couple
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