Creative Writing: Dream Retelling: The Labyrinth

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Dream retelling: The Labyrinth
I open my eyes and see a whole different view. It is neither the familiar view of my bedroom nor the sight of my Math teacher approaching fiercely, yelling: “Wake up!”. What appears to my eyes instead are majestic, gigantic, solid gray walls (no texture), and a vast blanket of emptiness that engulfs me and the walls. From my perspective, I guess I’m stuck in a maze because there are endless entrances around me, some of which are so wide that a car can run through. Impulsively, I try to stand up, but my legs are so weak that it takes me a while to do so; It feels like they are disused for years. Observing the surroundings, I find no sign of life, only the great, 20-foot-tall walls of stone that overshadow me. Suddenly,
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These symbols help me to indicate the meaning of my dream, and how it relates to my real life. The first significant symbol is the labyrinth, which represents an impasse. According to the Online Dream Dictionary, a person who dreams of a labyrinth may feel trapped in some situations in life, unable to find a way out. In the beginning of my dream, I opened my eyes and found myself in a labyrinth; this may indicate any impending trouble I might have to face. This is somewhat significant to my life because at the time I thought I was able to finish a task easily, but it turned out that I procrastinated and failed to complete it. The task was a very hard and painstaking project, and was important to my grades. Despite its importance, I hung out with my friends before the project’s due date, and I cramped that night trying to finish the impossible task. However, unfortunately, I was stuck on a question, which was the main factor that hinders my completion. I still remember the baneful question; it was about the difference between Royalty deal and Equity deal. So after all, overwhelmed by the labyrinth of work, I gave up and went to sleep. As a result I got a low mark on the project. However I reflected on my mistake, and I promised to myself to be a more diligent student next…show more content…
In the dream I was running very fast and very skillful, dodging all the obstacles. According to the Online Dream Dictionary, “To dream that you are running refers to your determination and motivation in the pursuit of your goals. You will find success and rise above those around you”. This is significant to me because at the time I was able to achieve my goal despite those who said I couldn’t. I was qualifying for the Prime Minister position; specifically I was competing with a former prime minister named Kathie. While my friends discouraged me from doing this, my parents encouraged me to be myself and do what I want. It was one of my greatest motivations of all, and so I chose the bitter journey to becoming a Prime Minister despite dispiriting talks from my friends and a formidable opponent I have to beat. In the end, on judgment day, the chairman of the school announced my victory, dominating 23 votes over my opponent Kathie. My determination has been well paid off. Just like in my dream, I have “found success and rise above those around

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