Creative Writing: Edgar Allan Poe's Writing

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Harrison Marpole
Mrs. Beaton
English 30-1
September 17, 2014

Edgar Allan Poe

Being one of the most well known horror writers of all time, Poe’s dark writing style has left its mark on readers internationally. Although mostly a practitioner of the short story, Poe delighted the world with his eerie poetry. Explanation of death and lost love were themes that Poe expressed during his short 40-year life. Such themes are present in Poe’s writing, due to, one, his love for his wife/cousin, and two, his late mother and run-a-way father.

Death surrounds us. Poe experienced death’s path throughout his life. Much of his poetry was inspired from the feelings of knowing that we are all going to die. These feelings were evident in Poe’s
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This isn’t necessarily the case with Poe, as lost love fuels a minority of his writing. Pieces of Poe’s writing depict a woman who has died in the prime of her youth. This is an obvious parallel to Virginia Clemm, Poe’s unhealthy and prematurely deceased wife, who was taken from him in middle of his writing career. Love for an innocent and young girl who has died, is depicted in such poems as: “Tamerlane”, “Annabel Lee”, and “ To Helen”. After the deaths of the woman in these poems, the reaction of many of Poe's protagonists is to stay emotionally dependent upon the late women to the point of constant compulsion. What at first seems like innocent love shows to be more of an eerie…show more content…
(Annabel Lee, lines 35-42)

Edgar Allan Poe is renowned for his spooky writing style. Leaving most of his readers creeped out, Poe has shown that he also has a more compassionate side with his love pieces. Both death and love has made it into Poe’s poetry due to, one, the deaths of his mother, wife, and brother and, two, the deep care for his spouse. Without the influence from a monumental writer such as Poe, the entire horror genre would be

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