Creative Writing: Empire Island

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Joshua: Well, the night before the race, I had a dream that I will never forget. I was in a forest. Joshua told Sarah the dream he had without missing any details. Just as he had told Uncle James two weeks prior, Sarah listened without making a sound. Her eyes were winding with surprise when Joshua said the part of the dream that told him to “seek the kingdom.” Sarah (daughter): Joshua, Oh, you are not going to believe this! Joshua: What is it, Sarah? Sarah (daughter): You remember when I told you Mr. Washington told me to bend down my ear to him, just before he died? Joshua: Yes, I remember, you said that. Sarah (daughter): Well, he told me the same thing. Joshua: What same thing, what did he tell you? Sarah (daughter): Joshua (with a big smile), he told me to “seek the kingdom” that was his last words before he died. Only my mother knows he told me that, and now you! (Smile)…show more content…
Sarah (daughter): We been team seven for five years, and we both been told to “seek the kingdom”, and it took us this long to tell one another our secret. It’s amazing how God do things. Joshua: Sarah, a few times I was going to ask our pastor what the dream meant to “seek the kingdom” but I really didn’t feel moved to do it. But tomorrow Uncle James will tell me, and I’ll let you know what he say. Sarah (daughter): Okay, (smile)! That’s a good idea, but asks him this too for me, asks him what do it mean for a man, and what does it mean for a lady? Okay, just in case it doesn’t mean the same for both. Joshua: I think that when our mothers met in that night class, our lives were joined and planned before we were born. Now it’s up to us to accept God’s plan or reject it. Tomorrow I’ll understand more clearly, what his plan is, we both were told the same thing, and did not know
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