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Today this community gathers in honor of a dear, young girl taken from her family far too early, under deplorable, heartbreaking circumstances. Everyone knew Connie as a strikingly beautiful, lighthearted, decisive girl. It is rare that a teen can have such capability for strong decision making so early. That is not to say that Connie always made the right decisions, as no teenager ever does, but her willingness to make decisions at all is remarkable. My own surplus of indecision led to several regrettable life moments, and so I hope that Connie had no regrets in her young life, which was cut short far too soon. To say that Connie was beautiful is to say the world spins clockwise or the sun sets in the west; that is to say that her beauty…show more content…
My brother, Bing, was lost to us many years ago, when he was only four years old, and I was around the age of Connie at her death. A lack of supervision led to his tragic drowning on a reef, and we mourned him dearly. His inability to save himself reflects poor Connie’s, as she was manipulated and helpless when Arnold Friend confronted her. The misery of losing someone so young and innocent to circumstances out of the child’s control is indescribable. I can see the heartbreak we felt then, reflected in the eyes of Connie’s family and friends, and I know that she meant a great deal to each and every person gathered…show more content…
Death is not so light a concept as to glance off of those it does not take. Oftentimes, when death claims someone close to you, it seems easy to fall into a lethargic pit of despair, contenting oneself only to dwell on the morose incontrollable nature of the universe. I know I felt this way, especially with the guilt laid upon me with the death of my brother. I do not claim to know anyone else’s grief, or to know the best way for anyone to deal with the loss of such a beloved girl. I do know, however, that “when you lose something you love, faith takes over” (Tan 2166). It is in these darkest of times that the light of strong faith shines through, comforting those left in the wake of tragedy. I believe that faith, no matter how hidden or denied, can usher even the most bereaved into a better state.
This cruel and unjust world takes from us the most beautiful and treasured things, just as it took Connie. This tragedy is heartbreaking, and a cruel irony, as Connie would have and should have been a heartbreaker as she grew. Unfortunately, she was robbed of her future and manipulated out of both happiness and time. We all mourn her passing, and remember her with much love and affection, as she would

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