Creative Writing: Fahrenheit 451

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"Why must you do this right now?" Said the grim looking peasant as he ducked his head in fear of staring the knight in the eye. The young man with perfectly chiseled facial features gave the grim man a demeaning stare. "Why you ask? Well because if you do not pay your taxes like you are supposed to, your head will be on the tip of my sword here." The man bowed his head like a scared puppy, and he backed up with a hurry. By then a crowd had formed around the two, never had they seen a lowely peasant stand up to Lord Godfrey before. The man raised his arm as to seem about to strike the knight, he clenched his fist till it was as hard as a rock. As fast as the man had made his first move, it was his last. The crowd gazed at the gruesome scene

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