Creative Writing: First Commander Cipher

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King Robert was in disarray, strapped to a chair in the far left corner of Prince Gabriel’s bedchamber. He wiggles and twists his body, trying to break free from his restraints. “Untie me! I ordered you. Or I’ll have all your heads!” The Kingsman guarding him, both eye each other, contemplating his command. Prince Gabriel storms in, moving in an aggressive stride, with Prince Fabian and Devine Micah lingering near the door. “What is the meaning of this?” First Commander Cipher speaks, entering with Advisor Thomas at his side. “Uncle, the Queen, and her unborn child are dead,” Fabian announces, stunning him. “How can this be? The castle is secure. I made sure of it myself.” “It wasn’t an intruder,” Gabriel reveals, holding the same dagger the King used on him. “It was Robert!” he…show more content…
“I’ll have the Kingsman prepared the carriages and the Queen’s body,” Thomas announces, taking his leave. Cipher moves in the direction of Gabriel. “How is it, the only time we can come together as a family is when vengeance is involved,” he quips, taking the vials from his hands. “I’ll give the order to the men, and take care of the Queen’s Ladies.” “Uncle,” Gabriel spoke in a low voice. “If we are to hide the truth of this night, then everything in the King’s bedchamber must be burn.” Cipher stares at him, unsure of how to answer. He takes a deep breath. Everything was moving excessively fast. He still has not had time to process the Queen’s death, let alone, Robert’s involvement. “Do what you must,” he murmurs. The four words had trickle off his tongue before he realized what he had agreed to. He glances to Micah. “Devine. Make sure the King is comfortable. It is a long journey from here to there,” he instructs. “And tend to Prince Gabriel’s wounds.” He exits quickly to complete his task. Micah stood to his feet, examining Gabriel. The gash on his neck was not deep, nor life threatening. It was red, but slowly
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