Personal Narrative: A Snowy Evening

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It was mid-December, a frosty winter 's night. It was freezing to the point where everytime you breathed out, your breath turned to fog and if you breathed too fast or too often, your chest would start to hurt. In spite of that, you still manage to feel a tingling warm sensation in the pit of your stomach and heart as you are engulfed with a sense of comfort that can only be felt when love and joy is filled within the air. Red busses zoomed by in the near distance where you could only hear the faint honking of black cabs as the sound of traffic was swallowed by children squealing, music playing and carols being sung. Pathways filled with colourful, iridescent lights added to the jolly atmosphere with couples holding hands, families smiling at one another and old friends were spotted catching up with each other. It was the time of year where all thoughts were put…show more content…
Teenagers with hot chocolates in hand, love under the mistletoe and fathers and mothers smiling down on their children. All around the pine, people gathered to love and to take the time to reflect and appreciate. A golden star placed at the pinnacle of the pine gave of such a phosphorescent glow that was not too much or too little, it satisfied the eyes of many and it brought hope and wonder as well as warmed the hearts of even the coldest ones. Ones that have never loved or been loved. That haven’t been taught to love or even experienced love. Simply enough, the green pine, veiled with trinkets, red and white stripes and glowy lights brought happiness. As simple as that. Happiness is often the most sought after feeling as it brings a sensation of warmth and often brings out the best in people. We learn to be honest, compassionate and hospitable to others and ourselves. It maybe one of the simplest things but it may also be one of the hardest things to

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