Creative Writing: Good Country People

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Good Country People Narrative Essay

Mrs. Freeman’s gaze drove forward and just touched him before he disappeared under the hill. Then she returned her attention to the evil-smelling onion shoot she was lifting from the ground. “Some can’t be that simple,” she said. “I know I never could.” When the sun was beginning to dive down, sprinkling a orange-tone layer across the ground, Hulga was finished slouching. Or at least she thought. Hulga tried to stand up, but she couldn’t muster the strength to push herself up off of the ground onto her foot. Then she stopped to think,”I’d rather crawl.”, she then pushed herself forward to get on all threes, making her way to the old, wooden ladder. Her skin was wet and raw, hurting with every single wipe
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They heard a car drive up in their front lawn. Wondering who it could be, Mrs.Hopewell headed towards the front door once again. To her surprise, it was a cop car. The side of it was a metallic white, while the black on the front and back of the car blended in with the night. The cop walked up to the door holding a wooden leg that looked identical to Hulga’s. “Hi, I’m Officer Smith, I assume you’re Mrs.Hopewell. We’ve caught the thief. We found him walking down Jackson road in the middle of the night. This was in his suitcase.” Officer Smith handed the wooden leg to Mrs.Hopewell. Mrs.Hopewell took the wooden leg and said,”Thank you so much for your hard work tonight officer. My daughter told me he said he stole things from every single house he visited. I hope you can return them to their owners.” The officer's face was exhausted, his brow deepened with stress. “He did, his real name is David Amon. He will be serving 30 years in prison for multiple charges of larceny, and fraud. There’s a team searching his house right now, we’ve been told it’s filled with missing items.” Mrs.Hopewell was horrified. “I thought he was just a simple
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