Creative Writing: Goose Gander's Home

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Mr. Lawrence Exeter walked into Goose Gander Baby Shoppe he strolled through the isles looking for clothing, toys, and other items for the baby. He felt weird shopping for clothing for a baby not even born yet his wife insisted he go. He brought his hefty cart over to the cashier. The cashier offered him a warm smile and began to ring in his purchases. “The total comes to 148.50$” the cashier stated. Mr. Lawrence Exeter pulled out his leather check book and began to inscribe the amount on to the check. He said a polite “Thank you” as he walked out the door. He put the box filled with baby items in the back seat of his shiny new Cadillac and drove home. As he walked in the door of his penthouse apartment the phone began to ring he rushed…show more content…
Lawrence Exeter’s work often brought him to his company’s head office located in Paris. One lonely night in his hotel in Paris he heard a knock on his door when he opened it he saw the most beautiful women he had ever laid on pushing a cart filled with food he had ordered. He completely forget about his wife and invited her into his hotel room. After a long night Mr. Lawrence Exeter offered her 25,000$ if she would become his Miss tress. His obsession with her did not stop even after he went back to his wife. He constantly took her on expensive trips and bought her expensive jewelry and gifts and even a house. One night when they were together in the house he had bought her she surprised him with a gift with the instruction not to open it till he got back to Hollywood. When he arrived home he was surprised when Lawerence Exeter Jr. opened the door. “Hello father how was your trip” he said in a cold voice. Instantly Mr. Lawerence Exeter Sr. knew that his son knew something but he managed to respond “Good glad to be back” in a cheery tone. His son offered to take his bags up to his room and before he could respond he had already went up the stairs. When he arrived upstairs Mr. Exeter Jr. was standing with a cold and angry expression on his face in his hand the package he received in France. “Does mom know?” he said in a quite voice. “No, and I 'm hoping she will remain oblivious.” “No she has a right to know.” “Wait” Sr. said his hand reaching into his pocket for his check
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