Creative Writing: How Josephine's Life Affected My Present Life

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In the story nineteen thirty- seven, Josephine went through a lot. Before Josephine was born her mother swam across of a blood filled river to haiti , which was where Josephine grandmother was killed. So since then they performed rituals there at the massacre river every year. When Josephine mother die Jacqueline went to show her, her mother's burnt body. When her mother did die, they was brought to her cell where they saw how dirty and muddy it was. She found out from a woman that her mom was beaten down in the middle of the yard. “Like a dog” the woman said describing how bad it was. The woman who she was talking to was wearing her mother's dress, so the lady took Josephine's mother pillow and gave it to her. It was filled with her mother…show more content…
After I was born she went right into the Navy to provide for me. I had to live with my grandparents for most of my life. My mom worked hard to provide for me. She was a teenage mother that had to work hard with me during high school, she graduated at the age of 17. With me she wanted more to provide. I meant so much to her. All this affected my Present life because I've ended up not knowing a lot about my mom. I had to get to know her when she left the military. Me living with my grandparents all my life changed me. My mom always bought things for me and came to visit. Her visiting was the worst tho because she never stayed for long. How I felt in school with everyone talking about how great they mom was, I had nothing to say because I didn't know her. My grandparents were my care takers, so when my mom came back home from the navy, it took me time to get to know her personally. People also think that having a military mom is bad but it's not. Even though that leaving the military traumatize you and gives you disabilities, you still can be a loving person. My mom also have migraines so she goes to different pains, but my mom is a loving person and very fun. So now in life I have plenty opportunities for having a navy
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