Creative Writing: Hurricane Katrina

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The July sun beamed down on my back, with the water glistening on my back as I climbed out of the bay and onto the boat. The New Jersey waters looked more beautiful than they had in a long time. “Anyone want to go out on the raft?” My uncle asked. “Me! I do!” My cousin and I both screamed. We hopped onto the raft tied to the back of the boat. This was one of my favorite things to do in the summer. As I climbed on, I could feel the small splashes of the cool water hop onto me. My cousin, Melanie, got on the raft and grabbed the two handles next to mine. “Are you ready?!” Uncle Bob yelled as he started the engine. We replied cheerfully, and the ride began. I saw the wake forming as the boat began to accelerate. The wind puffed into my face as the boat sped across the bay. All of a sudden, the small…show more content…
“We have to try to pedal back to the boat! It’s the only way we’ll make it back.” She replied. We dropped our feet into the water, which now felt icy as clouds rolled over the sun. Kicking into the waves, we made no progress. It seemed like we were propelling ourselves further towards the ocean. I could see a bridge approaching pretty quickly. Beyond it were the open seas of the Atlantic Ocean. We were doomed. I could see the ten foot waves that dwarfed the bay’s waves. They would surely flip and drown us. As we approached the bridge, I spotted something. There were five men in yellow vests. Construction workers. Maybe they could help us. “Hey!” I screamed, desperate for them to hear me. I yelled again, and again. Nothing. We were about forty to fifty feet from that bridge. Just as I thought there was no hope, the men in yellow vests began to look and point in our direction. Two of them ran into the water and started swimming to us. We were saved! The men pulled us to safety, and as we reached shore, a white dot began to appear in the distance. Finally, I could see the boat. My cousin and I would be safe, and back with our
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