Creative Writing: I Was Walking Alone On The Forest

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I was walking alone on the forest."Ugh! It's raining and no one’s here" as I talk to myself. As I was walking, I heard some creepy sound that's coming from behind my back. The sound was getting louder and louder. But all I can see was woods everywhere. I didn’t know what to do, so I started to scream. I scream for help, but nobody came and then I realized that there wasn’t anyone except for me. I started to run, but I felt like someone was following me. I turned around to see who was it, but didn’t see anyone. As I was running, I entered a forest with trees filled with leaves of green. There was a stream with water running down underneath a fallen tree. I move forward to drink water, but I see shadows.
Somehow I felt like there’s dozen of children
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I got happy seeing that, because that was shining and I thought that will help me to go back to home. I picked up, but then I realized I was in different forest. “I shouldn't have picked up that stone otherwise I would already been at home.” I said to myself. Only one thing was on my mind and that was how to get home. I said to myself that I’m not scared, I can fight back if something happens to me. Angel has came from heaven to pick me up. I can Imagine angel taking me back to home and have dinner with my families, but at the same time I was hopeless.
I got deeper into the forest. There were no bird chirping and everything was still; the trees were dead and there was a mist surrounded me. Because of this I could hardly see anything in front of me, making me even more fearful. I quickened my pace with every step until I was running, the grass cracking under my feet.
As I stepped further, the forest grew darker and trees grew taller. Thoughts of creature filled in my head, those creature wouldn't leave me alone. If it caught me here I would be gone for sure. I had seen drawing of it from people who claimed to have glimpsed it, but in each drawing it always looked different; one tall and thin like a

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