Creative Writing: Incident At Stringy Bark Creek

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Incident at Stringy Bark Creek My squad of policemen, who were feeling brave and were not so sober, left their humble town to find the Kelly gang. We were sent out to search for the Kelly’s for a whole week. On the first day of our very exhausting journey, we set up camp by the river of Stringy Bark Creek, where it was McIntyre's job to cook for the group of men. He headed out deciding he would kill some parrots or even a kangaroo so the men could dine on fresh meat for dinner that night. Little did we know that the Kelly's had assembled their camp just two kilometres away from us at Stringy Bark Creek. You could hear McIntyre's gunshots ringing through the forest, ''we are going to eat the best grub for dinner,'' said Scanlon, ''yeah I love the taste of…show more content…
We slowed as we reached the opening to the campsite ''surrender they have us surrounded'' yelled Constable McIntyre. Me and Scanlon laughed and kept riding towards McIntyre as we could not see anyone else at the site. Ned Kelly came out from behind the huge gum tree and all of the other gang members followed him. We didn't surrender though, Scanlon took aim and shot at Ned but he grazed the edge of Ned's beard, then Ned shot back wounding him. Ned finished Scanlon off by shooting him with a second bullet. I jumped down from my horse using it as a shield while I shot at the outlaws and one of my bullets struck Dan’s shoulder. The gunshots frightened the horses during the commotion and they galloped off leaving me exposed, so I scuttled into the bush for protection I sprinted for some time, deciding to hide as I was feeling exhausted I found a ditch to lay low in, listening for noises as my heart pounded heavily I heard Ned’s heavy footsteps running up behind me. I bounded out of my cover and shot at him, I missed, but Ned had a great aim and he shot me in the armpit. I felt a sharp stabbing pain and as I turned to run I heard the crack of another bullet being fired striking me
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