Creative Writing: John Boat In The Everglades

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There were big, Watery Droplets with strikes of lightning hitting the side of my John boat in the Everglades. Our 12 Gauge shotgun was locked and loaded getting ready for Big Mama. Meat hung from the trees, shotgun shells on the floor. We were in our raincoats trying to stay safe and dry from the rain and lighting. We see little gators swimming around ,but we came out here for the one, the only, Big Mama. She has killed 10+ people. She’s a crazy beast. She will shake your unstable, very rocky boat that will flip very easily. Right when you fall in. SNAP!.... You're dead. Blood everywhere in the water, Guts and intestines floating at the top, everyone is crying poor Johnny, Poor Johnny. This was not me. This was a little boy named Johnny trying

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