Creative Writing: Kettle Moraine Forest

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The forest was bright green, filled with trees, and bird chirping sounds everywhere. Lola, a sixteen year old girl with brown hair and blue eyes, loved exploring. Her friends, McKayla and Weston, were always up for an adventure. Lola, McKayla, and Weston were walking slowly around the trees and shrubs. Bears were extremely rare in the Kettle Moraine Forest. No one had even seen a bear in the forest since 2000. Weston spoke to Lola, “I wonder if we will find any bears this time.” McKayla chimed in and added, “I doubt we will find any bears.” Lola remarked, “I think in our lifetime we won't find any bears in this forest.” Weston said, “I wonder where the bears come from when they did appear in this forest.” McKayla stated, “who knows.” Lola yelled, “ SQUIRREL.” Weston was about to pick up the squirrel, but…show more content…
All of the sounds made them feel like they were standing on train tracks about to be flattened by a train. They ran! “I have goldfish and salt and pepper in my pockets,” screamed Lola! Weston yelled, “OH DEAR NUGGETS!” “Ahhh, the bear is literally right behind us,” screamed Lola. McKayla described the bear as, “enormous, brown, reds with gigantic paws. The bear’s eyes were as red as the red mood. Lola slowly gave the goldfish and salt and pepper to Weston. Weston took the food and threw the goldfish at the bear. Then he blew the salt and pepper into the monster’s eyes. The bear roared as loud as the loudest thunder they had ever heard. Lola, McKayla, and Weston all charged and jumped over anything that was in their way to get out of the forest as fast they could. They had never ran faster in their lives. “Phew,” Weston exclaimed! “What a ride that was. I never want to see a tree again,” McKayla said. Lola said, “next time we should go swimming at Ottawa Beach.” Besides, no one had seen a shark at Ottawa Beach since

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