Creative Writing: Mama Bear's Script

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Scene I Papa, Baby: 3, 2, 1, TOUCHDOWN!!! Papa Bear: Let’s go out to the city! Baby Bear: Fine, if I really have to. Papa Bear: I’ll get you ice cream on the wayyy. Baby Bear: Yeah! Mama Bear: Ok, I need to grab some groceries anyways. (sigh) Scene II Hazel: Hey look, that door is open! Let’s go! Goldie: Uhh..I’m not so sure about that... Hazel: It’s fine, it’s already open, c’mon! (Walk inside) Scene III Papa Bear: Let’s get the M&M cookies! Mama Bear: No way! Let’s get the Oreos! Both: Baby bear, which one should we pick, Oreo or M&M? Baby Bear: Ummm, get sugar cookies!! … When am I getting ice cream? Scene IV Hazel: OOoooh look! There’s some pizza over there on the table! (Point) Goldie: Yum! I’m starving! Hazel: (Picks up pizza) Yuck! This one has too many vegetables!…show more content…
This one has too much cheese! Both: Mmmm, this one is just right! Scene V Hazel: (Goes to computer) Oh look! Computers! Goldie: (Powers up desktop) This thing is too old! Hazel: This thing is too old too! (Pout) Goldie: (Goes to tablet) Oh look! This has two player games! Hazel: Yes! (Goes and plays, glares at Goldie a bit) Scene VI Hazel: Let’s watch some Netflix! Goldie: Ok! Let’s watch...this one! … This is way too gory! Hazel: Let’s watch this one instead! … Ew, this is way too sappy, (Disgusted face) Goldie: (Turn on third show) Both: Ok, this one is just right! Hazel: Hey, want some popcorn? Goldie: Sure! (Eats) … (Laughs) … (Falls asleep) Hazel: (Runs out) Scene VII Papa Bear: Somebody’s been eating my pizza! Mama Bear: Somebody’s been eating my pizza too! Baby Bear: Somebody’s been eating my pizza and they ate it all up! All: (Walks over to the

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