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You may know me a Mega Moth this is how I became who I am today. I am from the year 2087 so I’m from the future. I was on another planet Ecoronium studying there insects and how they lived. My plan was to bring one of the bugs back to earth to see how it would adapt or if it would just die in a few days. When I got the bug back to Earth the bug looked as if were throbbing and changing colors. You would think that’s normal, but no.The bug jumped on to my back and bit me. I collapsed on the floor. Little did I know when I got up things would be different very different.
When I woke up about two or three days later I felt different. I got up and looked in the mirror, I had WINGS! I tried to run to my car and started to fly and hit the ceiling, but it didn 't hurt as bad as it should have my
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I started to run away,but I didn’t fly, I would be the new protectors.
So after saving the hostages I asked,”who are you and what did you spit at them” He said “I’m The Puss Punk I was a puss moth caterpillar at a Juvy and they tried giving my human bodies name Ben Dover my abilities I can spit poison and climb walls”. “Who are you and what can you do”? “I am Mega Moth and I can fly I’m super fast and I don’t feel very much pain”. Little did I know this was the start of a partnership between me and Puss Punk that would last for a lifetime.
After Puss Punk and I had saved over 300 people I started to change. I felt my wings were shrinking and I wasn 't as fast. Puss Punk was having a Harder time climbing walls and spitting poison we were both changing back into humans and Puss Punk would stay a human. As I was changing back into a human I hadn’t seen my family, they didn 't even know about me. I knew they wouldn’t believe anything I say so I wouldn 't tell them they wouldn 't even know. Me and Ben Dover (puss punk) were friend for the rest of our lives.

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