Creative Writing: Mrs. Gulon's Classroom

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Dragging my limp, lifeless feet down the eighth street hallway I have a horrific feeling of fear go through my head. The blue and white walls go by as a blur with all of my thoughts. Consumed with the memories of shackles, paddles, and pythons, they take over my mind. Those are Mrs. Gulon’s favorite torture methods. All of the kids in the halls seem to disappear with all good things. Room 209, Mrs. Gulon’s classroom, is drawing nearer. My palms begin to sweat profusely. I start to breathe heavily and everything gets blurry. I round the doorway of the god forsaken classroom, seeing Jocelyn pancaked against the crackly, beige wall. Jocelyn’s face is pale with fear. Beads of sweat run down her forehead as Mrs. Gulon slithers closer to her. Mrs.…show more content…
I didn’t mean it like that, please forgive me!” I plead. “I think you two should have a nice long time out in the chains,” Mrs. Gulon threatens with a mischievous grin. I decide to not argue as she grabbed Danny and I and dragged us to the corner of the room where the chains are. Her long grimy fingernails dug into my ear like a thumb tack in a wall. I shook with fear wondering if I’ll even survive this experience. We get closer, and closer, and closer to the chairs with chains all over them. The metal chair is scarred with leftover blood from whoever had to suffer last. The chains rattle with little clinks that remind me of silverware on glass plates. I await my doom while Mrs. Gulon gets the chair ready. “Alright now sit down!” she hollers and little beads of her vile spit get on my face. Danny and I slowly sit down, we give each other one last look as we know this will probably be our last living moment. The chains clasp around me like a cold hug from a corpse. My mind flies to my worst fear, drowning. I begin to panic and she hasn’t even gotten to putting the fears together. I wait for the terror to begin. She comes over with a glass box and picks me up to put me and my chair in it. The echo of the metal chair legs hitting the glass makes me realize this is real

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