Creative Writing: Mrs. Scardamaglia's Wonder

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It was a typical snowy day in 4th grade at Kaneland John Stewart. I was in the classroom, listening to my teacher, Mrs.Scardamaglia read the novel, Wonder. I was having my snack. I had my hand raised because I had to go to the bathroom, but the teacher didn 't notice! It was the end of the read aloud and my teacher finally saw my hand. "Yes, Steven?" Mrs. Scardamaglia remarked "May I go to the bathroom?" I requested "Yes, you may go to the bathroom," Mrs.Scardamaglia responded I ran to the sign out sheet on the board, and I signed my name, and grabbed the pass. I ran to the door as I mummbled under my breath, "Finally, I can go.." I ran up to the door, and I pushed.. but the heavy door didn 't go…show more content…
I arrived at the Nurse 's office, and there was a whole group of kids waiting to speak to the nurse. "Hello, What 's your name and what happened?" The nurse questioned, while holding a pencil waiting for my answer "Steven -- Markham" I responded, The nurse questioned me, "What happened?" As she pulled up my file on the computer on her desk, "I had to go to the bathroom, and had to wait a while, When I got permission, I ran to the door, I pushed, but the door didn 't open." I moaned. "What happened next?" The nurse queired "I hit my nose on the door." I respond. As the nurse told me to go lay down on the cot, She opened up her mini refridgerator, and grabbed a packet of ice and coated it with a couple of tissues. "Why don 't you lay down on one of those cots," She suggested. "Okay," I shivered as it was freezing in the nurses office. "Here is some Ice, Hold in on your nose for a while with tissues. When my nose finnally stopped bleeding, I told the nurse, "I belive I can go back to class." I stated "Okay, Go on to class," She insisted. As, I walked backed to class, I relized I didn 't have to go to the bathroom
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