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My best friend is Jermichael from elementary school. We have been best friends from childhood and still continue today. He is a smart and nice looking boy with dark fair skin and deep dimples. He is a handsome boy, who I have come to adore. I remember we met in kindergarten and became friends after that. He is helpful, entertaining and fun to be around. Jermichael understands me better than anyone else in all my good and bad situations.
We attended every class together until high school and played at each other’s house every day after school. He encourages me to do my best in the classroom and tests. Jermichael and I share personal thoughts in difficult times, but manage to smile through every good. We are always together no matter where we are. We like to shop, ride four wheelers and go fishing together down by the lake. It’s hard to find good people in the world, but he is an amazing person and I wouldn’t know what to do if he wasn’t a part of my life.
We share most of the same jokes that nobody would dare to understand unless they knew me and him. He’s the kind of person that I could never tell a lie to. Even, if I fixed my mouth to lie to him, he knows me so well. Jermichael can tell if I’m telling a lie even if I have a straight face. We think so alike and it’s like we’re communicating without saying a word. At the same time, we’re always thinking the same thing or have the same ideas.
One day, I went to school and forgot to ask my mom for lunch money. At first, I

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