Personal Narrative: My Day In Middle School

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ALESSANDRAS P.O.V As the cool water from the shower ran down my body, the words ¨You have been accepted into AMDA.’’ were replying in mind over and over again. A grin formed on my lips at the thought of being enrolled for the summer/fall semester at AMDA. Hopping out of the shower I wrapped a towel around my body and started blow drying my hair. Thinking of what I was going to wear for the day, my phone started to buzz which caused me to snap out of my thoughts. It was a text from Ryan. *I hope you are up and ready to spend the day in beautiful California weather.* I smiled at Ryan’s text. Ryan is my best friend. Gay best friend to be exact. Ryan and I have be friends since kindergarten, during the first few years of middle school we did…show more content…
Deciding on something simple, I being to apply some foundation. Spreading it evenly throughout my face, then I began to apply some eyeliner and mascara, followed by a nude eyeshadow with a little touch of brown on the side on my eyelid. To finish up, I applied a little highlight on my cheeks bones, and a little gloss on my lips and I was done. My hair was straightened with curled ends. Making my way to my closet I opened Ryan’s unread message which just basically stated that he would be making his way to The Grove shopping center, and that he would be meeting me at Topshop/Topman. Opening the doors to my walk-in closet the lights automatically turned in. I decided on a forever 21 white loose button down shirt which was slightly tucked into my Dior indigo jeans. Slipping on my nude colored Manolo ankle strap heels I take a look at myself in the mirror. I felt like my outfit was missing something. I looked pretty good, but I felt like I could add something too it. A longline beige colored cardigan caught my attention. I took it off the hanger and remember that I purchased this Stella McCarthy cardigan a few weeks back, I slipped it and it just clicked perfectly with my outfit. To end my preparation, I slipped a few bracelets, and wore my favorite lion head ring. ¨Perfect.’’ The words escaped my mouth as a look one last time in the mirror. I sprayed some perfume, and grabbed my brown aviator Gucci shades and my
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