Creative Writing: My Hero's Journey

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“So, what was life like before you met me?” Theodore asked Frank. Frank as very careful to only tell him about the last year or so of his life but didn’t mention anything about his old life. Frank stuttered “I-I was alone. Le-ft to die. I salvaged for food and took shelter in what wa-was left of the mans- I mean house.” SCREECH! The car came to a dead stop! “Franklin! What aren’t you telling me?!” Lt. Theodore Thomas asked with alarm and curiosity all rolled into one as the truck started up again. One of the guards had taken out his pistol as they continued their journey through the countryside. In addition to Lt. Thomas, there were four guards with Frank in and the other boys in the truck. The American troops had found 10 teenage…show more content…
Thomas pushed the siren and the whole camp was locked down. One of the guards shouted “No one goes in, or out” The military police officers started their search for Frank. After several hours, a guard yelled “I think I found something.” There were footprints that went into a creek but none on the other side. This led to the conclusion that he ran, didn’t see the creek and got swept off his feet. Down to the left about 100 meters an officer said “I have a visual!” It turns out Frank actually took off his jacket and put it on a branch that was hanging at about his height. Near the branch, they found footsteps that they assumed they were Frank’s which led them to a cave. When the American soldiers entered the cave they found several families who were hiding there. They were all Hitler’s relatives who were in hiding because of the consequences of being related to him. Even though they never supported him, they feared for their lives in the aftermath of the war. Frank explained to Lt. Thomas that he had come to think of him as a father figure and didn’t know how to tell him that he was Hitler’s nephew. As Lt. Thomas helped the families board a truck, he couldn’t help but think “What if Hitler had survive?” Would he have killed his own

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