Creative Writing On Pain

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You wake up with sirens surrounding your weak body. You try to open your eyes to see what happened, but a burning sensation digs into them with immense force. Your body is sweating, weak, and confused. You try to stay awake, but an ocean wave of uncontrollable pain washes over your body, through your bones, draining any last hope of staying conscious. This time you wake to a sharp, pulsing pain in the left side of your head. You try to move, but every single one of your muscles seems paralyzed, too heavy to move. Loud wails and beeps of machinery crawl into your head from every direction, jabbing your brain. Thinking about what could have happened is impossible, for your brain is punctured by boundless pain. You can 't move, you can 't think, you can 't do anything but give in. A blazing spike of sharp pain takes your mind over, pushing you back off into an unconscious oblivion. A loud noise and a bright light stares at you. You want to cover your ears and block out the light, but your body is being pinned by a savage…show more content…
Moving your head is possible, but you can only swing it from one side to the other. Your whole body is limp and your throat is sore. Breathing is slow and painful. You open your eyes and see your body covered with wires, tubes, and straps. Nausea swirls around your stomach, irritating you to frustration. Your eyes slam shut as the left side of your head begins to palpitate with excruciating pain. Panic fills your body and your breathing accelerates. Loud inhales and exhales seem to fill your lungs with anything but air. You try to call for help, but you are unable to spit out a word. Your lungs feel extremely dry, almost too dr- you stop breathing. An indescribable pain fills every inch of your weak body, slicing your sweaty skin, burning your exhausted muscles, and tearing your whole body apart. The uncontrollable pain becomes too much for you to handle. After a long and tedious effort you give up and let your limp body go out like a

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