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“There is six feet of snow outside, and I am freezing in here, can we add more wood to the fire,” asked Cortana. “You know there was not always snow, there was a point in time when it was only green grass all year long,” stated Siri. “Funny one, and how would you know about that?” asked Cortana “Cause I lived through it all, here sit down and I will tell you about it.” Siri commented. Bartholomew William Jones Junior III, was one of the first Russian farmers. He was an average, 6’ 3” in height, had short black hair, but it was often covered up by a hat. Lastly, Bartholomew was a religious man, mainly prayed to the Russian god of weather, Pogoda. He tries to please him in every way he possibly could. Paying tribute to him, by giving him food every day.…show more content…
“Now you shall not receive any more tribute from me.” “Do you know who you are dealing with. I am Pogoda, the god of weather. I can make you not be able to grow any crops ever again,” exclaimed Pogoda. “How do you propose that you do that, it is not like you can make something fall from the sky and stay until it melts away,” said Bartholomew. “Actually, that is exactly what I am going to do, and it will be called snow,” stated Pogoda. That is exactly what he did. He did not just only make it snow a little bit, it snowed so much that it was up to Bartholomew 's eyes. “This is terrible, all my crops are destroyed, all my animals are dead and I can not get out of my house,” cried Bartholomew. “I think I can do it, if I ration the amount of food I have, I think I can make it through however long this takes.” Bartholomew, rationed his food to very small amount until he had none left. After three months of rationed meals, he ran out. Now Pogoda was watching him the whole entire time and would have the snow melt away when he ran out of food. Pogoda came to Bartholomew’s last
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