Creative Writing: Corruption Outside Of Town

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Prologue Corruption Outside Of Town After Pony and Human Sunset Shimmer took care of their issues at school, Princess Twilight returns but was surprised because of Human Sunset. “Sunset Shimmer?” Princess Twilight asked. “Is that Sunset Shimmer by you?” Pony Sunset is speechless about this situation but Human Sunset goes face to face to Princess Twilight and the she turns and looks at Human Twilight behind her. “There's, two of you? And did you… just got out of the statue because… it's somehow a portal?” Human Sunset did know Sunset was a Pony but she didn't know there was a portal this close to the school. “I'm really confused now.” Princess Twilight without giving Human Sunset an introduction talks about the portal she made back in Equestria. Then she gave her an introduction. “I'm Princess Twilight and that…show more content…
“No!” Applejack yelled. “We’re still not using any powers even outside of town I told you to get over it!” “Ugh… fine!” This made Rainbow Dash completely upset and walks back to her home. “I'm sorry for yelling it's just that Rainbow Dash still can't get over about this thing we’ve been talking about.” “It's fine maybe we can do it when no one else is looking.” Sunset said. “There's also one more thing I need to know Sunset. Is your friend Sunset coming with us?” Pony Sunset feels worried about this. She did had a different time at school but outside to different places is way too hard for her. “I'll go talk to her tomorrow at school because I'm not sure if she's a traveler.” “Well I'm okay with this.” Fluttershy said while everyone agrees with her. “And besides I like going on friendly trips with you girls.” “Okay. So friday after school, we meet each other and get to Big Mac’s bus. We should talk to other friends at school if they want to help.” Applejack gets another idea. “Let's get Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo to come with us. Their very adventurous and they can be
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