Creative Writing: Resolution To Touching Spirit Bear

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Resolution to Touching Spirit Bear Peter has stopped trying to make me angry. He didn’t mind when I moved away from the door. The next morning we went to the pond and we both soaked until Peter couldn’t stand being in the water anymore. We walked up the hill carrying our ancestor rocks in silence. When, we walk back Peter seemed to want to see the spirit bear again because he was looking at the foliage like he was searching for something. He didn’t find anything. When we got back the skiff was gone and so was Garvey. It didn’t make sense that he would just leave us alone. “Where did he go?” Asks Peter, also seeming distraught. “I don’t know,” I say back walking toward the cabin. I open the door to look inside and didn’t find Garvey or anything to explain his where abouts. I walk out of…show more content…
“Why did he leave us here?” “I guess we will have to wait and see.” Peter and I continued on about the day waiting to see a skiff on the horizon. We do this for a week, wanting him to come back. It feels lonely here since all we can talk about is when Garvey might return. It felt like I might as well be on the island alone, again. The spirit bear doesn’t show again. After a week passes Peter comes running into the cabin where I was doing my school work and says, “There is a boat.” We run outside and look out across the bay. In the distance there is a boat in the distance. It is hard to make out but it isn’t the skiff. When it comes closer I recognize it as the fishing trawler that brought Peter to the island. On the deck is Mr. and Mrs. Driscal and Garvey. They use a small boat to get to the island and I pulled it up on to shore. They get out and Mr. and Mrs. Driscal go straight for their son with a worried expression. “Are you okay?” Asked Mrs. Driscal in a worried voice. She hugged Peter. “How are you doing Champ?” Asks Garvey in a happy voice. “Why did you leave us without saying
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