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Roller Coaster Adrenaline
“AHHHHHH!” I howled at the 205 ft drop. I couldn’t believe I got on Steel Force, that vivid red, towering, hair-raising, frightening rollercoaster. I clenched Jimmy’s arm muscle as stiff as I could. All I saw was bokeh, lights flaring, toddlers screeching, hands swaying and feet stomping. I didn’t comprehend why I didn’t feel the thrill everyone expressed. I was panicking, quivering, and the terror I felt was drowning my lungs.
“Come on, Beyonce, don’t be scared!” uttered Brian. “I’m not scared!” I retorted. “Well then, get on. You have already ridden Talon, Hydra and even Stinger. Steel force is elementary compared to Stinger. I’m sure you can do it.”
My cousins Rafael and Ismael concurred. It
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I was endeavoring to prepare myself for the drop but I was terror-stricken. The more aloft the ride became, the more intimidated I became. At the peak I saw all of Dorney Park and then….. it dropped! I was shrieking because of fear and exhilaration. I had never felt so satisfied, and so free in my life. I heard people guffawing and children wailing. I felt the smooth buckle grasping my waist. I smelled the sweet, yet crisp summer air. I saw the dusk, night sky and gold glowing lights at the border of the roller coaster. It was a magical night, exceptional, remarkable, and extraordinary!
After we got off the roller coaster, I was begging to go back on. We all wanted to, but it was already late and the park was closing. The exuberance I felt was indescribable. I felt like Dash from The Incredibles when he was racing over water. I felt alive, vigorous, unstoppable! I hadn’t felt like that in a really long
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Shouldn’t life be our favorite adventure? Riding Steel Force taught me to step out of my comfort zone. I need to walk out of my limits and try new things. In Me Before You, Will Traynor said “You only get one life. It’s actually your duty to live it as fully as possible.” Seth Godin American author and public speaker once said “If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try.” As time has passed, I have observed that life can be magnificent if I make it magnificent. The power is in my hands to make my life awe-inspiring! After riding Steel Force I learned that I can enjoy my youth by being adventurous, daring, and intrepid. I have learned to enjoy my life, to be bold, to be crazy, stupid, silly, I have learned to laugh and be
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