Creative Writing: Ronda Keka's Murder

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“AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!” Dialing “911” there has been a murder it 's my husband. “Calm down ma 'am where r u at?”asked the operator. ”We are at “6897 Scott Road, Winchester. Hurry! Hurry!” I yelled urgently “We are doing the best we can. I am sending a unit now.” he replied. “ i think i see him he’s coming…..NO NO AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” phone hangs up…. Phone hits the floor with a thud!! 10:46PM, Cops arrive. All is quiet, “Did you see anything ma’am” he asked. “No i was woken up by a loud scream” She retorted. Another lady down the street screams. Then suddenly it stops. The policemen rush to the scene. There a lady that lies dead on the ground. Her name is Ronda Keka. “She is a very young lady. Perhaps 23” The Policemen said. The policemen orders every one stay in their house. “Lock your doors, lock your windows. Keep all pets inside. Don 't come out till you are notified it is safe.” He orders. It has been 2 weeks since these murders happened. People all over the world are at risk. “It is a terrorist group and they are unpredictable. No one knows where their headquarters are. So far there have been murders in the USA, Europe, and Canada. We think they are going to move to other regions” One policeman says. “People are starting to wonder how many there are.” One person says to the chief. As I am watching this on the TV …show more content…

(in Jason’s point of view) I stepped into the room all alone. Except for the enemy. I saw 5 people they were all tall with darker colored skin. Right as everything started to become better their is a noise behind me. I turn around and feel something squeeze tight around my shoulders. I begin to have my feet come of the ground. Just then the door flies open. And i saw Jack. I elbowed the guys behind me in his ribs and begin moving viciously. As i begin to become free, I see more people coming at me and jack as we are fighting for our lives. I see one of the guys pull out a gun, and point it at Jack. Right as i am being taken away

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