Creative Writing: Shooting Container

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Sacrificed for Seven They say I’m a traitor. Maybe I am. All I know is that I did what I had to do. It is true that I betrayed my team…and my boss. I was on a mission to kidnap some girls to take in as hostage. The original plan was that we return them to their houses, after we get some money off their parents. But it turned out that the original plan wasn’t what we were going to stick with. Even though I had been in this terrorist group since the age of thirteen, I couldn’t bring myself to shoot seven innocent girls. I don’t even know why I couldn’t. I waited until 3:30, when around 600 girls poured out as soon as the bell rings. I lured seven girls into following me by saying that I will give them a treat, and that was easier than pointing…show more content…
That will just give out more information about us to the media and police! Shoot ‘em!’ All of the girls started to scream and cry. ‘Sorry, girls. Looks like you’ll have to go!’ I dragged them one by one into our Shooting Container. They struggled to escape. But I wasn’t going to disobey my boss. I ripped the tape off the girls’ mouth. ‘Any last words? Wishes? Will?’ I chuckled. ‘Y-YOU! You tricked us!’ ‘D-don’t y-you feel shame?’ ‘Heh. I would release you… but, boss’ orders!’ I mumbled. I gripped my pistol in my hand. I didn’t really want to get my hands and clothes bloody, but I had to stay loyal to boss’ orders. My finger rested on the trigger. I was going to shoot them quickly and get this done and over with. Something ached inside my heart. I found it terribly hard to shoot them. I gritted my teeth and bit my lip. What was going on? I let the pistol slip off my hand. Then, I seized my dagger out of my utility belt. ‘Escape. Far away. Where you will be safe, okay?’ I whispered. I sliced the ropes that were tightly wrapped around the girls’ arms and legs. The girls said nothing, and quietly ran off through the back door. To ensure that my boss wouldn’t become suspicious, I pulled the trigger of my pistol seven times. Why did I do that? I really don’t
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