Stephen King's The Shining

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Baylor Haynie
English III
26 February, 2018
Stephen King Stephen King is one of the most famous American novelist of our time. He has always had the passion of writing horror books since he was a kid. His first major novel “Carrie” was actual thrown in the garbage by him, but later saved when his wife took it out of the tash and read it (MacNee 224). Garyn G. Roberts said “King himself is a product of his individual experiences and cultural inheritances, and he mirrors what we are all about”. This paper is about
Stephen King, one of the his greatest novels “The Shining”, and what critical evaluators had to say about him. Stephen was born on September 21, 1947 in Portland, Maine (Bloom 5). King has always been reading.
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He has just been fired from being a teacher and wanted to start writing. He got a job interview for the winter caretaker for the Overlook Hotel. While doing the interview the manager Mr. Ullman brings up how the old caretaker had gotten cabin fever and killed his family, blew his own brains out. Jack assured that he’s not crazy like that, and said his wife would love the story (Kubrick). Jack says it's a perfect job, because he's starting a new writing project. He gets the job, and his family goes up there. When they arrived they got a tour of the whole hotel. During this tour Danny meets Halloreen. When they were in the storage closet Halloreen talks to Danny by using the ability called the shining. Whenever Wendy has to go with Jack, Danny stays with Halloreen. He introduces the ability of the shining to DAnny. The movie then cuts to one month later and Jack still does not have a writing idea. DAnny gets a vision of the room 237 (Kubrick). Jack is slowly losing his mind. Danny has gotten multiple visions of blood rushing through the halls and visions of two twin girls holding hands. Danny wanted to get a toy from the apartment they were living in, Wendy told him that Jack had just went to sleep. He talked her into it and went to go get his toy. Danny slowly goes in and sees Jack sitting upright in bed. Jack then calls Danny over. He ask if he was liking the place. Danny tells him that he is, Danny then asked Jack if…show more content…
In Beahms report over Stephen he put this King quote. King says “people don’t read me because they want horror. They read me because they like Stephen King. I’ve come to that conclusion over the years… I think that’s why they come back for the voice, more than anything else” (Coddon 33). Garyn G. Roberts wrote in his report over King “King is an avid student of those who preceded him in this field” (Coddon 83). He also said “Movies like Dark Council and the October Country provides a harvest of dark fantasy and weird fiction which he's been imitated and emulated in his work”. He also believes “The Shining” is his first haunted house book (Coddon 86). Stephen King is one of our generations best and most popular novelist. He has been writing all of his life it was his destiny that brought him to the writing world. From the second that Tabitha pulled that copy of “Carrie” put of the trash can, his life has never been the same since. Restating what Garyn G. Roberts said we don't read Stephens books or watch his movies for the horror but for the name Stephen Edwin
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