Descriptive Essay: Surviving Camp Cadet

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Surviving Camp Cadet In my life I have gone to a State Police camp called Camp Cadet twice. The second time I went through a trial that made the whole experience much harder. This is my story of what I went through after the event that year. At 5:30 a.m. the sounds of Officer Lisa Gehr, and the other counselors, yelling, “Wake up girls” and the sudden brightness of the barracks’ lights turning on stirred me from my sleep. Time for another fun day at Camp Cadet, I think as I rub my tired eyes and push myself to a sitting position, being careful to not hit my head on the bottom bunk that I have called my bed for the past three nights. I throw my legs off of the bed and allow my eyes a moment to adjust to the light, afterwards jumping out of…show more content…
As we run I feel the warm trickle of sweat sliding down my back as we trek back up the hill to our barracks, and the burning sensation through my already tired legs as I pull myself upwards. I make my way through the jagged rocks and surprising ditches as we turn around a bend, revealing our dark brown wooden barracks. Once we arrive, I weave my way through the other girls towards my bed.and grab my shower stuff, and, then, head to the bathroom in the barracks. I hang my tinkerbell beach towel on a hook and bend over to grab my mesh shower bag, instantly regretting it. My hand reflexively jumps to hold my left knee as sudden pain blazed through the leg. I look down at my left leg and see that my kneecap had shifted over causing my leg to look like I had an abnormal bump in the middle. What in the world just happened to my knee, I wondered as I stare down at my knee, it still throbbing with pain. I gently push the side of my kneecap and watch as it pops back into its normal spot, making me to grit my teeth both at the sight and the pain. I take a one legged hop into the shower and after about 5 minutes I had finished a careful shower, and had gotten dressed. I hobbled out of the bathroom, leaning on my right leg for fear of my kneecap popping back
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