Creative Writing: The Angel Garden

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None of that is happening here. Uncountable unknowns filter into The Angel Garden to set up tables, cover them with butcher paper, and lay out a feast fit for a wedding on top of that along with napkins, paper plates, and cups for hot and cold liquids. Uh..., what’s happened here? They exchange a look. You’re clueless too? She nods. That’s comforting..., but not good. We’re quickly becoming accessories after the fact while it’s happening. What do we do? Call angels. Michael is dumbfounded and it shows, Gab-re-EL grins cold comfort. Isn’t The Angel Garden already filled with and formed by angels? Michael nods. Then take a chill pill. Neither your war cry nor your great sword are needed to call the angels, they’re already here. You are as cold…show more content…
After that she took the table scraps rodents, and over time, she discovered its family. She talked with her mom about that they decided to relocate the mice to the birthing room in the milk barn where it’s warm. I doubt Hester ever told the girl why she agreed, nor why she suggested that space. But I knew. Cats like cream; and cats like rodents. The birthing room was an ecologically sensitive solution. Do you still want to transform her from a farm girl without a sprout of doubt, into your own ideal image of her as....? What is your image of the girl, Gab-re-EL, and why is that your chosen faith? I do believe I have had my first transformation experience! Gab-re-EL announces with a smile, and it didn’t hurt at all. I feel so much better now. Better enough to be nice to Michael? Better enough to be nice to me, and to everyone and everything else too. Your problem is that in truth, there is no ‘else’ out there anywhere. Now that’s angelic Truth Talk. You two ready to beam back into The Angel Garden? I am..., but I didn’t even know that we were gone from…show more content…
You were always safe in The Angel Garden. Rather, it was The Angel Garden that wasn’t safe from you. Because your separation from Source anxiety came in with you, sort of a modern day spin on the tale of the snake in Eden’s garden, don’t you agree? So, Gab-re-EL, what is your irresistible temptation? Name it, and claim it. Gab-re-EL is silent an infinite moment, then answers from her heart: Control freak tendencies. The Divine One smiles, nods once, and asks: What are you going to do about that? Get out of my conscious mind and get into the great mind that lives in the heart center. Now, tell me why you will do that? Get your mind out of the way and tell me the truth of your heart. Gab-re-EL’s smile beams. She throws her head back to make room for the joy springing up within her like a fertile fountain fed on awareness of the potent power of the heart. I shed copious tears of joy because now I see the Light – the light of Your Will – and I am willing to do that, willing to be that. From now on I feed and nourish The Angel Garden so it produces abundance to feed and nourish the people who live on, nourish and love this land with passion enough to heal it and make it whole

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