Creative Writing: The Apocalypse Of The Garden Gnomes

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The Apocalypse of the Garden Gnome

Once upon a time, in the modern-day future, there was a gnome collector. In his backyard, he had a lot of gnomes. He was our neighbour. Oh, by the way, my name is Bella Stirn. I am fifteen and have two sisters named Stella and Ella. Ella is the oldest at seventeen, and Stella is the youngest at nine.
Two years ago, the creepy neighbour moved the garden gnomes. For the first week, nothing was happening, but the week after, the gnomes jumped out of his backyard. They went into his house and tried to kill him, but Mr. Pellen had a knife. So he called my Aunt Helen. She came ASAP, but the gnomes escaped and started to go around the world!
Mr. Pellen acted fast. He knew that the way to get them back was to make
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