Creative Writing: The Assassination Classroom

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Nakamura doesn 't despise school.

Well, not the learning aspect of school - she wasn 't bothered by that - no, she was bothered by the people in the school. They created some of her worst memories that have shaped her into the person she is today. It was at school she realized how cruel people can be, it was where she learned that she was all by herself. The people in the school was enough of a reason to make her dread going to school everyday - and that 's kind of sad to say- but it was true.

Until she joined E-class (or, as they call it now, The Assassination Classroom) and then she made friends. People who cared about her and her feelings, she never thought that she would see the day. It was like a. . . family? Everyone cared
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The teachers in E-class made school enjoyable, fun even. Dare Nakamura even admit that they 've made her look forward to school. . . .

Enough of that, Nakamura stops and denies that she never thought that - let alone will she ever share it aloud with anybody. Albeit, she cannot deny that 's how she feels, that how they all feel.

But, there is always an except to something and extraordinary: they are still assigned boring assignments. Not as many as one would think, yet it was enough to make Nakamura internally groan at the thought of it. Big project and essays were not her idea of a good Saturday night. She maybe does well in English, but that doesn 't mean she wants to write a ten page essay on Saturday night, mind you. Projects always took up so much time, so much of free time, it made Nakamura feel like she drowning in school work.

It 's always been this way for her too. The blonde has tried every trick in the book to make her at least like projects (she long gave up on trying to adore them like her enthusiastic classmates). Tricks that range from working with friends to willingly choosing one of her favorite books for a book report. Here 's a spoiler: it made her hate her
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Oh how wrong she was.


After going over the requirements, for a second time, they were dismissed to go to the library either today or tomorrow after school to pick out a book of their choice. It wasn 't the school library - of course it wasn 't - but a public library that was near the local train station.

The library itself looked really old, apparently having been there since their school was built. It was way smaller than the school’s library, and the books were thrown about and out of order. The workers were either young adults - perhaps early twenties Nakamura supposed before even realizing it - or an older crowd that always had a book in their hand.

Fairy lights were hung up around the ceiling, and around the book cases. She also noticed that there were candles around too (not the brightest ideas since books are made out of paper) that released a warming cinnamon scent into the air. Dust and cinnamon, it may sound weird but it was oddly welcoming.

It was the exact opposite of the school’s library.

Nakamura was already in love with this place.

Snapping her out of her thoughts, she heard Kayano squeal with delight while holding a book to her chest. “I absolutely love this
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