Creative Writing: The Disappearance Of Edna Green

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The Disappearance of Edna Green The year was 1945. Edna Green had checked into the Smeverly Hills Hotel at 3:00 P.M. She was immediately greeted by a tall, fresh bellhop that looked to be about twenty. The words flew out of his mouth so fast that poor seventy-two year old Edna could not understand. “May I take your bags?” Said the young bellhop in a quick mumble that sounded like another language to Edna Green. “What?” She said with a slightly posh accent. “May I take your bags?” The bellhop repeated with a hint of impatience in his voice. Edna green nodded as the young gentleman swiftly took her bags. Meanwhile, Will Charlie, a young employee, was taking a break from his shift in the Smeverly Hills Hotel. I love this job he thought as…show more content…
Edna Green had gone missing in the Smeverly Hills Hotel. Later the police had arrived and investigated the scene.” They say she fell off the building, others say she may have been, murdered! What do I personally think? That bellhop did seem rather suspicious, especially when Edna asked him to repeat himself. But what do I know, I’m just a janitor.” Soon after this conversation I had with William the janitor, I started questioning his theory of the bellhop. As I watched him in the lobby he looked rather suspicious sitting there with a look of boredom and dread as he waited for the next customer to come in and indulge him. Three months later the body of Edna Green was found…dead. The autopsy revealed she was stabbed in the back three times before dying. Then I noticed, the number three came up a lot in this case, Edna Green had checked in at three, she was stabbed three times, and was found three months after the killing. I asked the hotel if the number three meant anything to the bellhop. He was born in march (the third month,) on the third day of nineteen twenty-three. That’s when I knew, it was the bellhop. The police took him into custody. To this day, he still sits in that jail for the perfect time to escape, and kill
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