Creative Writing: The Forbidden Kirau Forest

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The forbidden Kirau forest. Once upon a time... There was a young muscular boy with light brown shoulder long hair and cold blue eyes, Hampus. Hampus was trained to be a soldier all his life so now when he was eighteen he could fight seven other soldiers at once. Everytime he had some spare time he loved to sneak out to the garden and train shapeshifting with Amara, the young witch who Hampus happened to be hopelessly in love with. One morning when Hampus went out to the beautiful garden he suddenly stopped, this was all wrong the little tree house were destroyed and all the beautiful flowers had been destroyed towards the ground and worse Amara was nowhere to be seen. After hours of searching for Amara he wasn’t able to find…show more content…
Hampus got so mad he ran out and slammed the door behind him, he had decided he would find her himself if it would be the last thing he did. So he began on the same place she disappeared, the garden. He searched every inch of the garden, castle and her favourite place, the lake but she was nowhere to be found. So he began his journey to the forbidden Kirau woods, to find his beloved Amara. When he reached the forest he saw that it’s being heavily guarded by this big grotesque Hurloon Minutaur. He thought that if he changed his shape to a cow maybe he could lurk the bull away, just when he was about to say the magic word he began to feel dizzy and suddenly he felt something big and strong grabbing him from behind and dragged him away. When he woke up one hour later he realized he had been locked up in the most horrible room you could ever imagagend, the bunker. Just when Hampus was about to give up he heard Amaras voice inside his head “s-s-spider”, he turned to a spider faster than he ever had turned before and sneaked under the door and out…show more content…
Kirau let out one single word before he dropped dead to the ice cold ground “three”, suddenly the three biggest tigers anyone ever seen jumped out and began to sprint towards him! He could heard Amara scream “the river my dear, the river” with the most cracking voice between fear and sadness, he started running as he shifted to a bear to lurk the tigers down to the wild river. When he reached the river he throw himself in it with the tigers just above the left shoulder, well under the water he quickly shifted to a massive alligator and began to fight the tigers, some minutes later he came up alone with the three tigers in the huge jaw. He started crawl all the way to the beginning of the platform, in human form, he was badly wounded but still he shifted to a hippogriff and struggled to fly all the way to the thin platform. Well there Amara had gotten loose from the thick ropes and throw her arms around Hampus and all his wounds disappear, he healed and he and Amara flew all the way out of the forest and home to the safe castle, were he and amara had the biggest wedding in the

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