Short Story: Olivia And Paige

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"Ouch! Why did you do that?" In the house of the Mcling, the little boy named Jackson likes to bite everything. He bites anything he wants including his sister. He bit his older sister in the arm when she was holding him. His sister's name is Olivia, and she just loves to help with anything whenever she can. Olivia is nine and Jackson is one. Their mother is a lawyer and is busy all the time. Their father is in the Navy and is in Turkey right now. They have a babysitter, and she is the nicest babysitter that Olivia has ever met. The babysitter's name is Paige. Olivia and Paige play all the board games that Olivia want to play. Sometimes Paige has to play with Jackson, but when she does Olivia likes to go see what she can do to help. Olivia…show more content…
Olivia was the green and the yellow, and Paige was the red and the blue. Olivia explained, "Ok, first let me tell you the rules. I am going to go first. So it goes green than blue will go. Then yellow will go and the red would go last. It is just like regular rules, but if you get a sorry card you can't use it on me, but I can use it on you." Paige told Olivia, "You need to change the last part of the rules because it is not going to be fair if you get to use the Sorry card on me but I don't get to use it on you." So Olivia changes the last part of the rules so it can be fair. Once they were done playing the game Sorry, then Jackson woke up. Paige went to get him and Olivia put the board game away. After Olivia put the game away her mom came home. Once Paige was done changing Jackson's diaper she went home and is going to come tomorrow. Since Olivia's mom is home she started playing with them both. Jackson and Olivia both helped make dinner and they all went to bed. During the night the mom hears a scream that Olivia screamed, "Ahhhhhhh". When the mom raced to Olivia's room she did not find Olivia anywhere she looked in every room and every little crack in her house. Jackson was still in his room sleeping but she could not find Olivia…show more content…
Paige arrived at the house and so then Olivia's mom races to the station to give them whatever they need to find Olivia. Meanwhile back in the cabin, in the woods, where Olivia was taken. Olivia was trying to find a way out, she had to do it when the kidnapper was not around. The only reason the kidnapper kidnapped her was because she always wanted kids but she could not have them, so she became a babysitter. Once the kidnapper got home she cooked food and put Olivia to bed and acted like she was the mom of Olivia. Olivia has seen this person before but can't think of her name. Once Olivia acted like she went to bed she found a loose tile on the floor. She pulled it up and escape from the cabin. The only thing is that she does not know where she is at. Olivia then remembers that her mom told her if you don't know where you are, find a road and stop someone because they will help you. Olivia finds her way to the road and a nice lady stops to see it Olivia is ok. The nice lady said, "Are you ok? What is your name and can I help you?" Olivia said, "Yea, I am Olivia. I have been kidnapped and I have just got out. I need to get to the police. I know who kidnapped me." The nice lady said, "Ok, get in I will take you to the

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