Creative Writing: The New England Colonies

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“One more crate!”, shouted Berry, one of the men on the loading team. “ Their getting ready to trade with Europe” I announced to Taylor “The new England colonies are famous for ship building so we’re quite lucky that we live here”, Taylor said to me. Taylor’s sister, trying to help picked up the smallest crate and stacked it in the back. I turn towards the ship and screamed as loud as I could to Taylor. The ship set sail with her 8 year old sister on board. Taylor is frightened with the thought that she might not see her sister again. “Ashley!” shouted Taylor. I turn towards the ship sailing off and see Taylor’s sister, frantically waving her arms in the air. I start to panic. But, before I got the chance to get a boat to sail towards her,…show more content…
We find a boat and sail towards Europe. Right when we arrive, we get kidnapped by the European government. We were held captive for twenty four hours until we find some solid rocks that we use to break free. We find ourselves on a ship, “LET’S LOOK FOR MY SISTER” Taylor says to me with the most frightened voice I’ve ever heard. We search and search but we find nothing. The boat comes to a sudden stop. We jump out of the large ship and swim ashore. We walk a long way until we find ourselves in a wealthy neighborhood with large houses. “I know where we are. We’re in the Southern Colonies” I say. A man quickly corrects us and says “We’re in Maryland.” Taylor lets out a stressed sigh. “Have you seen this girl?” I ask. “She accidently took a ship to Europe, so we’re trying to find her.” The man studied the picture. He shakes his head. “Sorry, I have not. Although, a ship to France is setting sail at the harbor in close to an hour. You can take that to get to Europe.” The man said. “Thank you!” Taylor and I yelled while following the signs to the…show more content…
Were in a house, a rather large house. There was strange people offering us food, water, medicine, and anything else we might need. They were being quite quiet about us being there though. It doesn’t take Taylor and I long to figure out they were slaves, but Ashley didn’t quite get the memo. Taylor and I are more familiar with slaves because we get out a lot more than Ashley. There are a lot of slaves in the New England colonies. I see a beautiful picture on the wall of a very old slave, I asked about her and the lady says “That’s my mother, she arrived in 1619 with most of the other slaves, she’s dead now but we all look up to her”. Taylor’s sister, very immature like, says “Well that sucks, can we leave now?”. We politely thank them and leave. “Well I feel much better now” Taylor

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