Reflective Essay: The Night That Changed My Life

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I looked around me, unable to take it in. Before my eyes, I saw two lifeless bodies drowning in a pool of their own blood. I pulled myself up to my feet, barely being able to stand up straight and I stumbled towards the first body I saw, following the drops of blood stained to the pavement. The pale ashen face and green eyes piercing into my own belonged to none other than my mother, her blue lips unable to say another word as the blood was drained from her body. From several feet away, I saw another body laying face down on the snow. The red snow. My first instinct was to run, I let go of all my negative thoughts and willingly took one step at a time towards the body, expecting the worst. My heart immediately dropped as the face of my father…show more content…
Someone was watching me. I heard my name being said over and over again like a melody on repeat. The first thing I opened my eyes to was my sister, her face inches away from mine and just by her expression I knew what was wrong. My mind wandered for a moment, remembering the night I dreaded most. The night of the crash. Every memory as vivid as can be, the blood as red as can be and my parents, both as dead as can be. For the past ten years, I have never been strong enough to tell myself that they’re dead, it’s as if I never wanted to believe it. As if they’re only gone for a while and that they’ll return soon. For years, I’ve expected to find myself being woken by my mothers’ soft voice saying my name, Marisole, just one last time. Instead, Lilith has tried to make an effort into filling the empty gap in my…show more content…
If only the rest of the world understood what this was like. And before I knew it, my sister who I hadn’t even noticed was standing by my side the whole time, broke the daze I was in. “Its time to move on, Marisole. This can’t go on forever. It breaks my heart seeing you like this,” she whispered. My mind was completely blank. She took my hand and forcefully pulled me out of the cemetery. As I gripped my hands tighter onto the steering wheel to focus myself on the road, Lilith kept trying to make small talk with me to get my mind off of things. Clearly, it wasn’t working with my one-worded responses. I turned to her, examining every curve and line on her face. How her eyes crinkled up every time she smiled, she reminded me so much of mother. Her eyes met with mine, her body motionless and a panicked expression on her face. The bright flash at the corner of my eye, the honk of a car and the screech of the tires, it all happened in the duration of a second. The rest was a
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