Creative Writing: The Organ Master

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Beyond the woods lies two little cabins. In one of these cabins lies an organ master waiting for his next victim to come along. The organ master rents out the cabins to young couples wanting to slither away from reality. One day James and Jayda wanted to get away from the house so they could get freaky but instead of just renting out a hotel they rented out one of the cabins beyond the woods. They left their house early Wednesday morning and arrived later that afternoon, once they got to the cabin they unpacked their things and went exploring. They went on a walk down a trail that clearly in bold words read “DO NOT ENTER.” The next thing the couple realized was they were in what looked like a damp, dark cellar. Above their heads were big brownish silver moths circling around and around.…show more content…
When all of a sudden the door opens and here comes the organ master. “ hello my friends welcome to my play pen” says the organ master with a slight chuckle. “This is where the fun begins” the organ master replies. He walks over to James and Jayda and pushes a button, out sprays a pretty electric purple fluid into the couples face,the scream rings throughout the whole basement. He walks out and leaves them sitting there in pain, two hours later he comes back in. James and Jayda can barely see, the flesh on their face being eaten away by the purple
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