Creative Writing: The Platte River

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It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to write. I wasn’t sure I would ever be to write again after our big river cross a few weeks back. You see, not too long after our little indian sighting, we reached California crossing. We all knew that we were going to Oregon, so there wasn’t much arguing there. So we kept going along, following the Platte River, until it came time to cross over. Before we even got to close, I could tell crossing would not be easy. The water of the Platte is dirty, and the river seemed so wide. As we approached we all decided it would be best to pay a ferry to take us across. So we lined up and waited for what seemed like forever. Paul grew impatient quickly. When our train finally got closer we all paid our fee of six…show more content…
Since we are traveling in the back of our train, we were last with the Conrad family. The children talked amongst themselves, and all was good until we were about smack in the middle of the river. Ezekiel Conrad, the middle child of the young family, decided to lean over and take a closer look at the murky water. The poor child must not be the brightest, because before you know it, he’s fallen into the Platte river. His father, Sam, had to go in after him Luckily he had some swim experience. Those awful currents could have swept them both away if he didn’t, but sam fought them His son and him both returned to the fairy alie. It was a nasty scare though. I’m sure that boy won 't be eager to go for another swim in a long time. As for me, I spent the rest of the ride in fear that someone else might fall over next. We made it though, and soon we reunited with the rest of our group. Then we continued our wagon train onwords. We lost a lot of time waiting for the ferry, and Paul was in the most rotten…show more content…
Today we arrived in Fort Laramie, and it’s good we did. On of James Wright 's oxen died a few days ago. The thing was older then my father, I swear. They have been using Herman ever since then Paul calls them foolish for not buying an extra oxen in the first place. Anyways they bought there new one, and I picked up some more flour. Everyone is still quite upset about the death of the young boy, but it’s best we keep going Fort Laramie seems quite impressive. It’s made of beautiful logs and seems like a very popular place to stop There is quite a bit of trading going on between travelers. It seems like the perfect place to have a little party, to get our minds off the heaviness of the last week. All the adults sat around the fire we made and talked, while the children played. Paul just crawled under our wagon and went to sleep after dinner. It’s probably best that way. His anger has become frightening these last few days. Just a few nights ago i dropped a bag of flour, and the whole thing spilled everywhere. The inside of our wagon is still covered in the fine white powder. Paul became so cross with me that he hit right across the face, and it left a fine bruise too. My father was so shocked by his anger that he threatened to shoot Paul as he slept. Honestly, those two just can’t seem to like each other even an ounce. I deserved what I got, I mean, I did make a mess. Paul is just extremely stressed over this whole trip. He needs some extra sleep, which is what he got tonight.
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