Creative Writing: The Silk Road

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The Silk Road was a series of land and sea trade routes that stretched from China to Rome in a journey that last two or more years. Many merchants traveled in caravans and did not make the whole journey, instead they traded only a certain distance from which they started and exchanged goods along the way. They would then trade the materials they had to the next merchant who would take it farther in the road. This replicated a relay system that progressed throughout time. I am lucky to be along this road as one of the most wanted and the most expensive items. Everyone wants me and whoever has me is obviously the picture of elegance and very important in their respective countries. I started in the cocoon of a silkworm who was then boiled to kill the insect and then this process also softened…show more content…
Dunhuang is a city in China where I experienced major Buddhist activity and where the first of my silk counterparts were traded off. Dunhuang was a vibrant city at the crossroads of the silk road where travelers had to decide to take the northern or southern route around the Taklamakan desert. As we were traveling south we saw the Mogao caves these caves were numerous, I think I counted about 500 caves, I head the merchant 's talking about them. The leader had told the others they were founded by monks who needed a place to keep the records they were taking of the silk road and the events going on in the world right now. I also saw a lot of architecture including gates such as the Jade and Yuang. This was our first stop so it was also the first place we were traded. Luckily I stayed with the caravan I was originally with but some of my counterparts were traded for gold and metal ware. The caravan they were traded to headed north to stop in places such as Hami and Turfan. My caravan headed south to reach Kashgar which I learned was my way out of

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