Creative Writing: The Spongebob Apocalypse

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The Spongebob Apocalypse

One night I was in the school cleaning the cafiteria for tomorrow, and I heard a strange noise coming from the gym. So I decided to go in and see what it was, but when I got there I saw a strange figure in the middle of the gym that was standing there. It looked like a large square that had skinny legs and skinny arms. It was really dark so I couldn’t see much.
I said to the figure “who are you and what are you doing here”.
He said “I am Dave the janitor here”.
I said “why are you wearing a costume”.
“I like to keep the Halloween spirit going even if it is after Halloween”.
“Ok” saying freaked out
I left the gym to finish the cafeteria and go home because Dave was acting weird and he usually does not act like
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He was holding up a sign that said “YOU ARE GOING TO DIE”. I got so scared I ran back to the office to tell Mr Acres that there is a murder here but when I got into his office he was lying dead in his chair. I turned around very fast to close the door and lock it so I could call the police but when I picked the phone it didn’t work. I freaked out and ran out of the office and into the gym so I could lock myself in the teacher’s office in the boys locker room. When I went to go sit down on the couch he had in the room I saw the figure sitting on the couch sharpening a knife. I turned the light on to see who the figure was and when I turned the light on the figure was Spongebob. I unlocked the door and ran out the room so I could reach the front door of the school. I was almost to the front door when I Spongebob was right behind me and grabbed me by the shirt and started dragging me to the kitchen. I tried to make him drop me by wiggling around but it didn 't work he had too strong of a grip. When we reached the kitchen he stuck a knife right beside my head through the shirt so I would not try to
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