Creative Writing: The Winter Night In The Night

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Its winter time It’s been snowing for quite some time now, the chill is killing me. The winter chill is acting as a deterrent force for me these days. It is keeping me at home and I am not even getting enough to hunt. My favorite position is near the fireplace as it is very cozy and warm out there. I just laze around the whole day, happy with my cat food and milk, watching T.V. and listening to music. I feel more than happy to snug next to Betty on the couch on chilly winter nights and catching up on some good old movies. I Meweoo happily as we sat together to watch another classic tonight. Love at first sight It was love at first sight for me when I saw the lovely and very beautiful Kate pass by me at the park. She looked extremely pretty with the red cap on and her lovely eyes just shone bright in the sun. I fell in love with her at the very first sight. Since that day at the park, I wait to catch a glimpse of her whenever Betty takes me for a walk at the park. I have tried talking to her on more than one occasion but failed. I simply cannot forget the swish of her tail and the blink of her eyes, I Meweoo and sighed at her thoughts. Its time for a Selfie I just do not understand why Betty and her friends keep taking their own picture all the time. Well, they seem to be obsessed with themselves. Every time we go out, I find these girls ready for a click with their pout and pose happily. They have even clicked my pictures and I have been forced to strike a pose with them

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